Bloguest 2016 | My Favourite YA Books – Victoria

Hi guys! Victoria here from Addlepates and Book Nerds (again). Yup, I just love Kayleigh’s blog so much I wanted to come hang out with you guys again. As a young adult, I thought that talking to you about young adult books would be perfect. There are a million and one out there, but if you aren’t an avid blog reader, how do you know where to start? Well, here. Right here!


This is the genre I find myself coming back to all the time. Not because I especially love it, as such, just because it’s the easiest to read. Sarah Dessen, John Green and Rainbow Rowell are the best authors in this genre in my opinion; I’ve most recently read Saint Anything, and loved it! Rowell is one of my top authors in any genre, so I highly recommend everything she’s written, YA or not! Other special mentions go to the Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants, and All the Feels. Apparently Gone Girl fits here too? It’s really more of a mystery, but whatever, go read it ASAP


Let’s be honest, I get this genre mixed up with contemporary basically all of the time. A lot of the books overlap, they’re very similar! So, see above for my absolute favourites. Special mentions that are more specifically romance, though, go to Dash and Lily’s Book of Dares (a Christmas fav), and Simon vs the Homo Sapien Agenda for the cutest romance you’ll ever read. There are also some great dystopians that fit this genre too, so check down there for some more recommendations. 


I love love love a good fantasy! The only problem is, I can’t handle too much high fantasy. I get so mixed up with all the different rules and people in the world… So if you’re like that, DO NOT read A Song of Ice and Fire. I’m reading book 3 at the moment, and even after watching the show I get confused! What you should read, though, is Vicious, for a fantasy world you would never expect. I haven’t finished this series, but Cinder was a very fabulous Cinderella retelling if that’s what you like. Throne of Glass can be brutal, but worth it for my ultimate girlfriend Celaena Sardothian. Rainbow Rowell has one fantasy, Carry On, and it’s just as great as her contemporaries. Magic AND gorgeous romance, what more do you need? Obviously Harry Potter will always be number one though, but I expect all of you have read it by now. 


Like the romance-contemporary debacle, I get dystopia and fantasy confused a lot too. I can’t exactly help you out on what the difference is – sometimes it’s really clear, sometimes I can’t work it out at all! For this category, I can’t recommend you an author, because I read it very sporadically. I can tell you I love Delerium, Lauren Oliver is pretty cool. Most of the series you’ve heard of in YA fit into this genre, and while I’m not a big fan of most, I won’t criticse you for falling into the hype trap! This includes Hunger Games, Maze Runner, Divergent, etc etc. 

I find I mostly read series from here, so of those I’d recommend the Selection trilogy for those of you who want a Bachelor-like romance, Red Rising for a bit more fighting and politics, and Winner’s Curse for the same sort of thing. 

Historical Fiction

The best one I’ve read recently is easily Code Name Verity. Don’t give up on this one; I wanted to in the beginning, having a fiery hate for Verity, but by the end all my thoughts had changed. Genuinely amazing! The Outlander series is amazing too, mostly because Jamie is a gorgeous and perfect human. Actually, I don’t know if that series is YA… Oops. Apparently I don’t read as much of this genre as I first thought! 

If you want to discuss with me, please do! I need to make my never ending TBR grow even more. You can find me on TwitterGoodreadsInstagramBookstagram, YouTube, and of course my blog


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