Let’s Talk About… My Obsession With Reign

Hello strangers, I know it’s been a while. I promised to come back to blogging weeks ago but I’ve been struggling to find a balance. I’ve had a very long, stressful, hectic and crazy couple of months but I’m starting to find my feet again. Which means that I’m set on blog posts for the next couple of weeks and they’ll all be on time – yay!

Last month I started watching Reign and it has quickly become one of my all-time favourite shows. I began the show for a few reasons 1) it looked good, 2) it was about Mary Queen of Scots and 3) Emma had been nagging me for months. After episode 1 I was mad I hadn’t started in sooner and basically binged 3 seasons in a week. Well, I say 3 seasons. I’ve still to finish season 3. It was very emotional and my heart is still breaking when I think about it. I knew it was coming, of course I did, I know the real life history behind the show. I just hadn’t emotionally prepared myself for it. Although I’m sure re-watching my favourite episodes and scenes doesn’t make the heartache any easier.

Adelaide Kane soon became one of my favourite actors and not just because of her fantastic portrayal of Mary. I basically became obsessed with the history behind the story. After months of saying we would Emma and I decided to go visit Linlithgow Palace, the birthplace of the one and only Mary Queen of Scots.

14279041_935620553211122_652798868_n1Linlithgow Palace has always been one of my favourite places, especially on a summers day. Sitting on the hill looking out at the loch with the palace behind you is pretty great. Even on a cold windy day, the views are still fantastic. It’s one of those rare places that can be stunning no matter what the weather. We climbed the stairs to the very top of the palace to take in the views.

There’s so much to explore and to see just by wandering around. I couldn’t help but geek out in wonder at how many fancy balls and dinner parties happened inside these walls. I would love to travel back14280416_1047141978732239_1289265426_n in time just to explore the palace when it was so full of life. Walking through the courtyard and up the many spiral staircases just made it even better. All I wanted to do was throw on a big puffy fancy ball gown and walk down the stairs into a royal ball fit for a King and Queen.

After our visit Emma and I decided that taking a trip around the country to visit all the other fancy castles and palaces is a must. More importantly, we need to take a trip and visit the location of where they film Reign. The castle grounds on this show are just amazing. Since this post is full of my love for Reign it seems only fair to share one of my favourite Mary and Francis moments from season 3. And yes I did cry watching this scene for the 100th time. Have you watched the show? Let me know your favourite Frary moment below.

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