Let’s Talk About… All Things Bake Off

For the last couple of weeks, Wednesday nights have meant Bake Off night. I very rarely have plans on a Wednesday but I always make sure throughout these weeks I have absolutely no plans. Sitting on the couch in your pyjamas, wrapped in a blanket, eating unhealthy snacks and watching Bake Off is the only way you should spend a Wednesday night. If you don’t you’re doing Wednesday’s wrong.

Tonight was the very last episode of the series which is always bittersweet. In case anyone is yet to catch up I’ll keep everything a secret. I would have been happy with any of them winning this year. The 3 finalists were brilliant although I think the title was rightly given to the winner.

Watching the final always makes me wish I knew someone who could bake as well as the finalist so I could go the garden party. I mean what would be a better way than to spend it in the Bake Off garden eating those fantastic treats they make. If anyone is a fantastic baker and you apply for bake off can I pretty please be your plus one to the garden party? If not I’ll happily watch every week behind the camera as long as I get to snack on all the sweet treats you bake. How good would it be working on the Bake Off set and being able to sample everything that’s made? My dream job!

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