Let’s Talk About… I’m Feeling 22

This week was one of mixed emotions. It was a week of celebration along with sadness and worry about what the future holds. It’s been a crazy week and I’m still trying to wrap my head around everything that has happened. I think we’ll start with the positives before we touch on the negatives.

I turned 22 this week and yes I am playing Taylor Swift’s 22 as I write up this post. This year I was a lot more excited about my birthday compared with last year. Probably because in some ways I’m in a much better place. I was happy this year and not the fake kind of happy I’ve shown over the last year. The kind of happiness that fills your whole body and makes you grateful for everything you have and everyone you love. I spent the rare weekend off work celebrating with my nearest and dearest.

Friday night started with dinner and cocktails with my best gals and ended in a bar with me spilling a glass of cocktail all over me. Not sure how I’m going to drink Sex on the Beach again without laughing at this moment. The embarrassing part is that I wasn’t even drunk when it happened. Just too occupied watching the DJ dance along to the music instead of keeping an eye on how close my drink was too falling off the table. Saturday night was spent with my ex-work bestie (only because she left) where we also went for dinner. She also spoiled with the sweetest present and I am forever thankful that I got to meet her. Sunday was a day with family looking back on the joys and sadness this last year has brought us. It was a sad day as we remembered those no longer with us but it was also a day filled with happiness.

Tuesday came and surprisingly some early winter snow arrived. I had been wishing for snow on my birthday and after 22 years it finally happened. Tuesday also came with the arrival of a new president. I am saddened by how the vote turned out but I do know that not everyone in the world is plagued with a badness. Good things happen every day and we’re constantly surrounded by good people. This is what I choose to remember when I worry about what the next four years will hold. Although I may not live there and it doesn’t affect my directly the choice of this vote will affect the world. Be the goodness and change this world needs. That’s what I’m taken away from this crazy week. Spread happiness like it’s confetti and love as thick as Nutella. We could all use it.

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