Blogmas 2016 | It’s That Time Again (Day 1)

2Can you believe that it’s December 1st already? How are we almost done with 2016? It’s crazy how fast this year has gone but I’m very excited to start getting ready for Christmas and decorating the house. Christmas is my favourite time of year and after everything this year has brought I’m ready to celebrate with my nearest and dearest.

December is a month filled with a lot of emotions. Stress, worry, anxiety, happiness, joy, love, gratitude, sadness. Before I can fully get into the Christmas spirit I have to first get through three exams. Not the best thing to start the festive season off with but I’d rather this than having to wait and do them in January. So while I stick my nose in a book and try to understand the complexities of the human mind I have a lot of great posts scheduled. I have a few guest po1sts coming from some of my favourite bloggers as well as festive reviews and treats.

With the start of Blogmas it means I’ll be blogging every day right up until December 31st! I haven’t been posting a lot lately due to personal things going on. I’m hoping that this is the month I find my love for blogging again and can focus on distracting myself even if only a little. Now I’m going to grab some hot chocolate and a blanket and watch a Christmas film. Is it too early to start watching Home Alone? Never!

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4 thoughts on “Blogmas 2016 | It’s That Time Again (Day 1)

  1. I’m so jealous! I REALLY want to participate in Blogmas this year, but I have so many final papers to write and exams to take (*angrily looks at physics textbook*) that I know I just won’t have the time. Maybe I’ll make my own sort of Blogmas in January when I’m on winter break haha 🙂

    • I know that feeling. I have exams to get through – not actually sure how I’m going to manage but I’m giving it my best shot. You could always do odd little days and there is plenty of time to add in festive posts throughout the month.

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