Blogmas 2016 | The Christmas Tree (Day 5)

I’ve already broken my promise of 31 days of blogging straight by missing days 3 and 4. Whoops. I’ve had a crazy busy weekend with work and trying to squeeze studying into every possible minute I can.

Today I took a well-deserved break away from the books and decided to get into the festive spirit by putting the Christmas tree up. I practically beg my mum every year to put the Christmas tree up from the first of December and lucky enough this year she came around earlier than expected. Everything seems more festive when the tree is up and it makes more sense watching Christmas films with the twinkling lights in the background. Also, Christmas trees make the best backdrop for any picture!!

This week is going to be a challenge for me. I have two exams to get through and they’re 24 hours apart. I think it’s bad enough having exams on the same week but without a day apart they’re awful. This may affect my Blogmas posts this week but I have a few already planned and scheduled for you lovely lot. I’m also looking into bringing a few guests posts in a little early.

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