Blogmas 2016 | How Do You Celebrate Christmas? -DeliriousDreams (Day 7)

Hey guys! This is Kira from DeliriousDreams and today I am doing a Guest Blogmas for Kayleigh. My topic is “How do you celebrate Christmas?”. I got some help from Kayleigh herself and from my good friend C!

Q1: What is a typical Christmas dinner at your house?

C:  A 4-course-meal! We always eat soup and bread as an entree, since my parents are very catholic. We always have fish and the rest always changes from year to year!

Kira: I love that we eat Roasted Potatoes almost every Christmas!! It’s one of my favorites. Mom then makes 2 meatloaves, a potato salad and a noodle salad. DELICIOUS! And then we usually eat the sweets from our Christmas Plates (Mom makes us a plate with chocolate and stuff each year)

Kayleigh: We usually have turkey with all the trimmings. So turkey, stuffing, roast potatoes, vegetables and not to forget pigs in blankets. We usually also have a soup to start with and then dessert. Dessert changes every year but it’s usually some type of cake.

Q2: Presents on Christmas eve or Christmas morning? / Before or after dinner?

C: We always open presents on Christmas morning! But we do get to open one present on Chistmas eve. But the rest isn’t allowed to be opened before morning.

Kira: We do it on Christmas eve, right after dinner. When my brother and I were kids, we did it before dinner because we were too impatient haha!

Kayleigh: We open our presents on Christmas morning. We’ve never opened anything on Christmas Eve unless it’s been new pyjama’s. It’s like an unspoken rule to have new pyjamas on Christmas Eve.

Q3: Do you go to church on Christmas Eve?

C: Yes, also on Chistmas morning. We basically go to all church events during the holidays.

Kira: Nope, never have. Probably never will.

Kayleigh: Most years, yes. When I was younger my dad used to take my brother and I. We’d then pop in and see some relatives as we walked back home. We don’t go every year anymore but we do try and make it.

Q4: Who do you celebrate Christmas with?

C: I celebrate with my parents and siblings, my grandma, my brothers girlfriends and my sisters boyfriend, as well as my niece and my nephew.

Kira: I celebrate in a small with my parents, my brother, grandma and Tapsi! On Christmas morning we go have breakfast at my grandparents house, with them, and my mom’s stepsiblings. I love that!

Kayleigh: Most years it’s just my parents and my brother. Which is nice, I like it being a small gathering as opposed to a house full of everyone. I’m not quite sure how things would work out if you were attempting to cook Christmas dinner for 20 people. I salute those who have to do it every year. Sometimes we have an extra few people at the table like my gran or my aunts and uncles but most years it’s just the four of us.

Q5: Where do you celebrate?

C: It really depends. The last two years we celebrated at home, but it changes from year to year.

Kira: We have always celebrated it at our house. When I was younger, my aunt and uncle would come over on christmas eve but they don’t do that anymore.

Kayleigh: In the house. I think it’s nice to having to rush about and travel everywhere. Sometimes we go to other family members house for Christmas dinner but most of the time it’s just in the house. I like that, especially when it’s snowing heavy outside

Q6: When do you usually buy the presents?

C: Depends on the person I’m buying it for. For close people, like family and friends, I buy them weeks to months ahead. Never last minute!

Kira: I have my presents bought and wrapped before December 1st! End of story. I am a pro at this.

Kayleigh: I try my best to be as organised as I can but it doesn’t work out that way. Normally it depends when my winter exams fall. Luckily this year my last one is December 12th which means I’ll have plenty of time to hit the shops before the last minute Christmas rush starts. I do try and pick up a few small things in September and October. I like to spread it out so my bank balance doesn’t take a huge hit at the end of the year.

 Q7: When do you usually have your tree up? Do you help to decorate it?

C: I put it up every year and decorate it. I have been doing that since I was 12 I think! And I always have it up by November 30!

Kira: We usually have it up by the first of December! My dad loves getting a tree! I usually help to decorate it, but this year I did it *singing voice* alllll byyyyy myyyseeeelf!

Kayleigh: I beg my mum every year from December first to put the tree up. Sometimes I’m lucky and she’ll say yes and it goes up early, like this year. Other times I have to beg and beg. Most years it goes up the second weekend in December. I decorate the tree myself only because I’m normally the only on begging to make the house feel like Christmas. When you have winter exams having a tree to look at reminds you of what you have to look forward to once you get them out of the way.

 Q8: Do you and your family bake Christmas cookies?

Kira: Yes with my mom, every sunday during December!!

C: Yes I mostly do it on my own haha! Sometimes with my mom or my little sister.

Kayleigh: No. We tend to buy a lot of mince pies but we don’t really bake anything. I’m thinking of making something like that this year through but we’ll see what happens with it. We’re usually busy with other things.

 Q9: Whats your favorite thing about Christmas?

Kira: The food!!!  Also, playing board games with the family, just the holiday spirirt in general. The whole Christmas thing is just magical and exciting. Listening and singing to Christmas music, the christmas decoration and lights in the city, the movies on tv, wearing christmas PJ’s and just watch a movie and eat and sleep and aaaah.

C:  No matter what you believe in, you come together to celebrate and share something.

Kayleigh:  Do you have the time to sit and listen? Christmas is my favourite time of the year. I love how festive everyone gets and how excited and happy everyone is. I love getting to spend a few weeks with your nearest and dearest. I love getting to spoil family members and friends with presents they’ve wanted for ages but never got around to buy themselves. I love taking trips into the Christmas markets and I love waiting until it grows dark and all the lights come on. I love the first snowfall of December watching it as you’re snuggled up in a warm blanket watching from the window. I love wrapping myself in my duvet, drinking hot chocolate and watching Christmas films all month. I love that it doesn’t matter what channel you turn out there is always something Christmassy on.

 Q10: Whats your favorite Christmas memory?

Kira: The first annual Christmas morning breakfast with my grandpa after he got home from the hospital. I was just happy to have him back. Other than that, I just enjoy it in general. It’s always a great time.

C: When I was like 7 I wanted this Barbie “shooting star” with a spinning skirt and stuff and wanted it for sooooooo long and then I opened my presents and I got a different Barbie and my sister got the one I wanted. First I was really sad, but then I saw how happy my sister was… and then I was so happy for her because I hadn’t seen her that happy in a long time.

Kayleigh: I don’t think I really have one favourite memory that stands out. I do love getting to spend a full day without interruptions with my family. It reminds me how lucky and fortunate I am to have people around me who support and love me unconditionally. I’ve had that every year since I can remember so I guess that would be my favourite thing. Just feeling so loved, lucky and fortunate.

Soooo this was our little Christmas Q&A! I think it’s so interesting to see how we all kind of celebrate the same thing, but so differently!

How do you celebrate Christmas? Let us know!!




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