How do you count down the days until Christmas? (Day 8)

Hello people of the earth, it’s Kira (again) from DeliriousDreams and I decided to take over Kayleigh’s blog MUAHAHAHA. No just kidding. I am doing a little bit of Guest blogging for her during her Blogmas. I have been pretty inactive on my own blog due to personal stuff and I am slowly getting back into it. In my Last Guest Blogmas Post, Kayleigh, my friend C and I compared how we celebrate Christmas. Today I wanna talk about how I count down the days until Christmas!

I have to admit, I am not the Uber Christmas person, who completely freaks out over Christmas. But this year I am pretty excited for it. That might be because I had an exhausting year and I am just looking forward to amazing food and a nice celebration.

So while I wait for Christmas to come, this is how I try to make the time go by fast.

1. Do Christmas Shopping!

I love shopping!! I have already done all my christmas shopping, because I love buying presents for other people. And I love wrapping them (even though I suck at it, ask Kayleigh).

2. Bake Christmas Cookies!

Not only is baking fun, it’s also delicious! And there is nothing better than bringing out the recipes and start baking cookies with your family or your friends. I mean, everyone loves cookies!!!!

3. Watch Christmas Movies!

What could be better than snuggling up in bed, in your PJ’s, chocolate next to you, a heating bottle at your feet & a fab christmas movie on TV? So grab a friend, or your dog, or your mom, or just a bottle of wine and snuggle up with them. Get food, lots of food, and watch all you favorite Christmas Movies. Doesn’t matter if it’s Kevin home alone, Nightmare before Christmas, It’s a wonderful life, The Polar Express, the tangerine bear or the grinch! Just enjoy some lazy time.

4. Visit a Christmas Market!

I have to admit, I hate crowded places. But I still have to visit my towns Christmas market at least once. Because it’s magical. Beautiful lights, nice stands that sell fun stuff, FOOD, drinking mulled wine. It’s a must have! I visited the market with my mom this year, and I will visit it again in about 2 weeks with a friend when we have our annual “pre christmas presents exchange with dinner afterwards”

5.Β  Decorate, Decorate, Decorate

You gotta decorate it all. The garden, the living room, the windows, your dog, grandma, your bedroom, the tree. Everything needs Christmas decorations and fairy lights. Loooots and LOOOTS of fairy lights are a must have! It looks pretty, brings out the ultimate Christmas spirit + time passes by faster when you have something to do. Turn on some music, grab your friend or your siblings, and decorate EVERYTHING. Sing Christmas songs and then eat the cookies you baked before.


Those are a few of the things I do, to pass time during december while I wait for Christmas to come. How do you spend these days? Let me know!



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