Let’s Talk About… Is It Worth It Challenge?

I found this while scrolling through Facebook. It was originally created by those lovely people over at EpicReads. So the whole point of the challenge is to decide whether or not it’s worth it. Sounds simple enough right? I have a feeling this is going to be more challenging that I expect.

1. You get an advance copy of that book you’ve been wanting forever BUT an entire chapter is missing?

I thought about this one for a good while but I don’t think it’s worth it. What if the most important chapter in the book is the one that’s missing? Imagine if a chapter ends in a cliffhanger and the next one is missing. Imagine getting to the best, most dramatic, part of the book only to turn the page and find it missing. No thank you, I’d rather suffer without.

2. John Green writes another book BUT it is not written in any language you know.

I think this is what nightmares are made of. He’s one of my favourite authors and for him to release a book in a language I don’t understand would be awful. I mean I’d probably learn the language just to read it. However, in this case, it’s just not worth it.

3. You get to go to Hogwarts BUT you can never use any magic.

What is this nightmare? Being a wizard is like my dream, imagine being able to cast a spell whenever you need something. I think it’d be worth it to go to Hogwarts even if I didn’t have magic. I mean it is Hogwarts and I’d still be able to go to the classes and eat all the food in the great hall. Plus I could run around exploring EVERYTHING. That would be magical on its own.

4. You get to have lunch with your favourite author BUT they slap you every time you ask them a question.

The loophole would be just to not ask a question, right?  Regardless saying you got slapped in the face by your favourite author would be interesting. I think I’d still take the risk.

5. George R. R. Martin tells you who ends up on the Iron Throne BUT if you ever tell a living soul you’ll die.

If I could keep a secret this would be so worth it. However, I can’t keep a secret to save my life so it’s probably better I give this one a miss.

6. You write a book and it gets published BUT no one will ever read it.

Not worth it. Not worth it at all. It’s my dream to one day have something I’ve written published and for others to read. As cool as it would be to see something I wrote sitting on a bookshelf I don’t think it’d be worth it if I didn’t get to hear what people thought and loved about it.

7. You get to live in the fictional world of your choice BUT you’re the villain.

Would this work if I started off as the villain but then became the good guy? Talk about character development. I still think I’d take this one on, couldn’t pass up the chance to go exploring!

8. You can read a book written in any language and understand it BUT you can only read one sentence per day.

Not worth it. I’m more of a let’s read a book a day kind of person.

9. Shadowhunters invite you to go demon hunting BUT you have to be the human bait.

If this means that I don’t die then it would be totally worth it. Plus, I would like to go explore the institute. I was going to say it never done Simon any harm but we all know what happened there….

10. Your favourite character comes to life for a day BUT then you’re framed for their murder.

What kind of horrible question is this?? Does this mean that they do actually die or that they just disappear back to their own world? I don’t think it matters because it’d be worth it. Imagine getting to sit down and have lunch with Peeta or Hermoine. Imagine the kinds of conversations you could have!!

11. You can read any book you want for free but you are only allowed to read when you are pooing.

Easy, worth it!

12. You can time travel by reading any historical novel BUT you can never travel back.

Hello, did someone mention Outlander? I’m torn on this one. I mean it would be pretty cool but I think I’d miss everyone too much.

13. You inherit a library BUT every book you pick up gives you a paper cut.

Like a Beauty and The Beast kind of library, because I am so ready for that!

14. You can own all The Selection series dresses BUT they will never fit you.

Not worth it. I don’t go to many fancy events but I don’t think I could deal with having something so pretty in my wardrobe and NEVER be able to wear it.

15. You can experience reading your favourite book again as if you’ve never read it before BUT you have to read the entire book under water.

What kind of crazy question is this, of course. I always wish I could wipe the slate clean to re-read a book for the first time again. I’d waterproof the pages or buy a waterproof book. Can you imagine the possibilities if you had waterproof books?

16. You get to read any book you want before it publishes BUT you have to read it out loud to your nemesis.

Deal! Sign me up straight away. I hear Kasie West has a few books coming out this month!

17. You land your dream job in publishing BUT you don’t get paid.

I’ve always believed you should do what you love because you love it and not for the money. This wouldn’t bother me at all.

18. You get to go on a date with your literary crush BUT they end up falling in love with your best friend.

Nope. I mean I’m sure if I went on a date with Peeta my best friend would be very thrilled with this news. I wouldn’t so it’s not worth it.

19. You get a role in a movie adaptation of your favourite book BUT the movie is a hot mess.

I always hate when you love a book and the movie doesn’t live up to the expectations everyone had for it. I think I’ll pass.

20. Your favourite author dedicates their next book to you BUT you will never get to read it.

What kind of question is this to end on? How can you possibly answer a question like this?! I’m so torn. It’ll have to be a no because I don’t know if I could live knowing my favourite author had released a book and I hadn’t read it.

To continue the fun I’ve tagged a few people below to have a go. Take up the challenge and struggle coming up with answers like I did. Kira @ DeliriousDreams | Michelle @ The Writing Hufflepuff | Sherina @ Sherina Speaks | Emma @ What Emmas’s Reading


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One thought on “Let’s Talk About… Is It Worth It Challenge?

  1. I really wanted to read one book that I found on Overdrive. I put it on hold and got it. Then I discovered it was in Spanish. I don’t know Spanish. I painstakingly converted the Spanish into English. The whole book and then read it. It was worth it though. It was a great book.

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