Monday Music | Supermarket Flowers – Ed Sheeran

Hello, for the second time this year I’ve returned from a very long, very unexpected, blogging break. Although can you call it a blogging break if you haven’t really been blogging properly in about a year? Yes, I’ve had posts sprinkled in between but I don’t think that counts. So my very long overdue return has come and I’m quite excited to squeeze blogging back into my weekly routine. I’ll talk about my break and what I’ve been up to on Wednesday’s post – not that it’ll be excited the most fun I have these days is eating ice-cream and binge watching Netflix.

Today, as it’s my first day back blogging, I thought I’d just put an album on shuffle and share the first song that played. I’ve been pretty obsessed with Ed Sheeran’s new album Divide. It was certainly worth the wait and it’s caused me to feel a range of emotions. I don’t think there’s anyone like Ed out there at the moment which makes him greater. If you’re lucky enough to go see him this year I kind of hate you. Wasn’t expecting this to be the first song that played this morning so I’m currently having a small emotional breakdown. What’s your favourite song from Divide?


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