Monday Music |Heart – Sleeping At Last

I had a very crazy weekend and an even crazier Monday which meant that my Monday post wasn’t prepared in advance. So it’s coming a day late but it’s still here. I’m currently obsessing over this new Sleeping At Last Song, Heart. Sleeping At Last is my go to writing music – from when I’m needing an emotional song or a catchy cover they have everything I need to get me in that creative mood and spin out a couple of thousand words.

Heart, which was released this month, has become one of my favourite songs yet. It’s so beautiful and it’s very soothing. The lyrics are beautiful and I could listen to it for hours without ever tiring of hearing it. I have a long day of studying ahead of me so I’m going to be listening to a few more of their songs while I learn all about the brain. My Tuesday just got very exciting. Do you have a favourite song or cover from Sleeping At Last?


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