Book Club | The Host – Book of The Month (May)

This month Emma and I decided we’d buddy read The Host and it lead to the development of our very own book club. We had a lot of fun this past month re-reading a favourite of ours and remembering both what we loved and disliked about the novel as a whole. Below you can find part of the discussion we had over the book. Make sure you head over to Emma’s blog and read her half of our conversation.

Kayleigh: I liked the development of Kyle. How he went from hating Wanda to falling in love with someone like her.
Emma: Yeah he has an interesting character arc. I really really love Wanda too. I love how kind and gentle, but brave she is. I love her relationship with Jamie, he’s such a little cutie. I also love Uncle Jeb. The chapters where Wanda tells Jamie and Uncle Jeb about her life and the different planets are some of my favourites.
Kayleigh: How good is that chapter though. Wanda and Jamie’s relationship is my favourite. Like they gel so quickly it’s lovely watching them bond. The firefly scene is just adorable
Emma: That scene isn’t in the book, but I would have liked if it was.
Kayleigh: I know I love it in the film. It’s such a sweet moment. Especially as he asks about his sister and what it all really means.
Emma: The moments between them in the book are definite highlights for me.
Kayleigh: Yes! You can tell how much he cares about both of them. What did you think about the ending?
Emma: I love the ending. I love that everyone gets a happy ending and there are no annoying loose ends. I know there was meant to be a sequel that everyone seems to have forgotten about. I think it would be focusing on the other groups of survivors that they met at the end of the book, which would be interesting. I’d love if the sequel did go forward, but only if it was from Wanda’s POV.
Kayleigh: Like you, I loved the ending. I loved that it was dramatic or anything that spoiled the story. I think it was a good ending. I was just about ask you your thoughts on the sequel. I like that it’s been announced but I’ve given up hope that it’s ever going to happen. Although the idea would be nice, and I’d love more O’Wanda. Like you I’d love it to be told through Wanda again.
Emma: Overall, how would you rate the book? And has your rating change since the last time you read it?
Kayleigh: I’ve always considered it a 5-star book and I don’t think that’s ever changed, even as I’ve grown to find the start of the book drag. It’s still a good read and I still love it so it’s still something I’d read over and over again. What about you?
Emma: I’m the same, I would still give it 5 stars. Even though the start of the book drags, the rest more than makes up for it! I’m so glad after rereading that I can say it remains one of my all time favourites
Kayleigh: Same. I think it’s a book I won’t tire of reading. Hypothetically what would you like to happen in the sequel?
Emma: I’d like to read more about Wanda and Ian’s relationship now that they can properly be together. I’d love if the sequel was just a collection of short stories of O’Wanda going on raids together.
Kayleigh: That would be so good. I’d quite like more details on why it all happened.
Emma: I’m actually quite satisfied with the amount of information we get about the origin of the souls, etc. Like I said, I loved the chapters where Wanda explained the history of the souls to the humans. I’m sure Stephenie would be able to create even more fun background stories though.
Kayleigh: The whole concept is just so interesting. Probably why it’s a favourite.

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