Let’s Talk About… Being Thankful

The first week of June has almost ended and I’ve already had the craziest week this year. No doubt this will change as they year goes on but it’s been very dramatic. Today is my first full day off in a week and I thought I’d be spending it having a relaxing day doing nothing and just catching up on some blog posts, some reading and maybe even adventuring over to the gym. However, plans never turn out the way you think they will and instead I’ve spent the day looking after mum and napping.

Last night I thought it was time I introduced my boyfriend to my parents. Obviously, this was already a little nerve-wracking because I didn’t have a clue how this was going to go ahead. Would they like him? Would everyone get along? Would it all go as smoothly as I hoped it would? Let’s just say that 2 of those 3 questions ended in a yes and one ended in a no. After a long day at work he picked me up and we decided we’d go for dinner before we ventured round to my house. It was nothing fancy but after almost falling on the way inside and walking into the men’s bathroom I thought my eventful night would end there. It appears not. Just as we were about to leave I got a call from my mum explaining she had a fall and was wondering if she could get a lift to the hospital.

I can’t drive so my boyfriends first meeting with my parents was a quick hello to my dad followed by a 25-minute journey to the hospital with my mum. Talk about an eventful meet the parents. My night of just watching TV and having slushes turned into about 6 hours in A&E waiting for my mum to get her dislocated shoulder pushed back into place. Thankfully my mum is perfectly fine and it’s a night that won’t be forgotten by any of us anytime soon. It’s also something we’ll no doubt be laughing about for years to come.

However, after last night I am very thankful for the NHS and all the doctors and nurses who work around the clock to look after us when we need them most. I don’t want to imagine what last night would have been like if the NHS didn’t exist. I don’t want to think about how much money we’d have been billed for drugs, x-rays and 6 hours in a bed when all my mum wanted to do was get home and have a sleep. Today I’m very thankful that I live in a country where I have access to free healthcare. It’s never something I will ever take for granted and I hope it’s never something that’s taken away.


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